Spotify Playlists

Cursed Evil Love

A playlist filled with epic pop songs emphazising your inner god(dess)! With songs from Heart, Linkin Park, Ghost Town, Halsley and more!

The Elf King's Quest

An adventurous folk pop playlist to listen to your journeys to places far away. This fairy/elf themed playlists contains songs from Of Monsters and Men, Passenger, Phil Collins and more!

Love on a Pumpkin

A witchy vibes pop & indie playlist to wake up the spirits! This playlist contains songs from Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Zella Day and more!

College of Eternity

A playlist filled with magical and witchy vibes giving you the feeling to be a part of College of Eternity yourself. With songs from Fleetwood Mac, Halsley, Lorde, AURORA and more!

My Butler

A modern pop playlist to stir your inner creative writing or drawing soul! With songs from Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Marina, gnash and more!