My Episode Interactive Stories

Delve into the fantasy world I created and choose not only your romance path but also your growth! Decide how you want others to interact with you and see how the world around you changes!

Cursed Evil Love

18 years ago your father made a contract with an evil god to save his kingdom. Problem is: You belong to that god when you turn 18. What will you do?

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My Reaper

You can't cheat death, can you? With your life at stake, will you be able to melt the cold heart of your mystery reaper or will you fall into oblivion?

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Love on a Pumpkin

You’re a ruthless witch with no respect for humans. After one Halloween night, you find yourself falling not for one, but for two mortals at once. What will you do?

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College of Eternity

As a non-human, you are chosen to go to college of eternity to specify your powers. Will you be able to get your degree and find romance and friends on the way?

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My Butler

Becoming a successful author overnight and moving into a dream castle with a sexy butler by your feet. Seems too good to be true? What mysteries does your butler hold?

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The Elf King's Quest

Together with a too clever fairy and a too bold elf you get elected to save the kingdom. Will you make friends, love or lose your nerves?⁣

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